Rockland Woodland Garden


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by Bill Birney
Bill Birney, a long time resident of Rockland, has taken many pictures of the Garden.  Part of his collection is now on this site:

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Rockland Woodland Garden

There is a little space at the North junction of Joan Crescent and Craigdarroch Road that is the  Rockland Woodland Garden

It is a special project for the neighbourhood of the Rockland Neighbourhood Association

by Sue Simpson
This garden season has turned out to be a challenging one.First, some of the plants in the upper part of the garden were dying, inexplicably. We are not quite sure why and sought advice from Thomas Munson of the Victoria Parks Department. Thomas provided replacement plants (Indian Plum, Flowering Red Currant and Mock Orange) which were planted. In addition to these, 11 small Salal bushes, two Small-leaved Montai and a small Roemer’s fescue were planted. A ps. related to Thomas Munson - he identified a very rare Albino Camas in the lower camas bed-very exciting!

That leads into the second challenge of the summer-months of beautifully sunny but very dry weather. The garden required rain of the artificial kind but even that barely kept the plants happy.And then there were the deer. For some reason, the deer were particularly annoying this year. They have munched on many of the plants and left their digestive droppings liberally everywhere!! We think that deer fencing is inevitable, especially around the Camas bed and the Goat’s Beard. Too bad, but until Victoria comes to grips with this
problem, it may be the only way to safeguard our little native sanctuary.

The students at the Middle School started (interrupted by the strike) a project to paint the names of the specimen plants on rocks. These novel name tags look great and we look forward to having the rest completed in the coming year.

The garden group got together a few times this spring/summer to continue to rid the area of invasive plants. Fall will likely bring another round of “sprucing up’ to get ready for winter.

Drop by to see this labour of love when you are in the area (corner of Joan and Craigdarroch). It really is a little gem in our neighbourhood.  (Reprinted from the Rockland Newsletter, Autumn 2014)

We always welcome new volunteers!  Come on out, get some exercise, meet your neighbours, contribute to your community, and  feel good about
helping to re-establish a part of our endangered Garry oak ecosystem!

Fall 2014