Rockland Neighbourhood Association:  Minutes of the Board

Rockland Neighbourhood Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

1401A Rockland Avenue

March 9, 2016


Present:  Janet Simpson (JS), Bob June (BJ), Dave Clark (DC), Sue Simpson (SS), Norman Clark (NC), John Edwards (JE),   Vanessa Dingley (VD), Ian Mayhill (IM), Norman Clark (NC), Dave McWalter (DM), Pamela Madoff (PM), Lawrence Bortoluzzi (LB), Stephen Roughley (SR)


Absent: Marc Hunter


Guests:  Michael Neate, Christopher Neate, Graham Neate, Gary Pemberton


Meeting called to order at 19:03


·       Agenda

o   Motion to approve (JE/IM)

§  Amended to include Developer’s Sign and Belmont Tree under New Business

§  Approved as amended


·       Minutes of January 13, 2016

o   Motion to approve (JE/VD)

§  Approved


·       Councillor’s Report

o   Prior to each RNA meeting, RNA will receive a “hot sheet” with update on issues/projects/announcements of particular interest to Rockland residents

§  PM will send to JS for distribution

o   Church of Truth

§  Mayor and Council have been contacted

§  No further information available

o   Biketoria

§  Public meeting to discuss the Oak Bay Avenue section of bike lanes on March 16 at 7:00 pm at Victoria College of Art on Bank Street


·       Business arising

o   AGM Recap

§  Presentation was relevant and well received

§  Confirmed that parliamentary rules require that the floor be asked  for comments three times prior to the election of an officer

o   Base funding equity letter

§  Written by IM; posted on web site


·       New Business

o   Signing Officers

§  Moved that Ian Mayhill is a signatory for RNA and that Bob June is no longer an authorized signatory (DC/VD)

·       Carried

o   Developer’s Sign

§  NC circulated for comment a proposed e mail to be sent to the city asking for enforcement of the by-law related to signage

o   Belmont Tree

§  Discussion regarding pruning permit issued in August; no work has been done to date

o   1540 Despard

§  Visiting guests discussed their thoughts related to the preservation of green space at this location

·       The family will follow-up with other family members to solidify plans


o   Committee Reports

§  Land Use

·       750 Pemberton

o   Nothing new

·       1745 Rockland

o   Developer has come back with a new proposal

o   Proposal addresses past comments from neighbours

o   A list of questions from residents has been developed to be addressed by the developer

·       704 Robleda

o   LUC has been notified by the city that a variance to increase the floor space of the addition from the allowed 20m2 to 132m2 with the addition of a secondary suite

·       1326 Richardson

o   LUC sent a letter to the new owners explaining the importance heritage building to the overall character/appeal of the Rockland neighbourhood as well as the significance of the three garry oaks (endangered and protected species) on the property

§  The new owners responded back indicating they would conform to the current zoning (R1A)

o   Research revealed that the house was built in 1890 and was designed by either Rattenbury or Wilson, two prominent Victoria architects of the time

§  Communication

·       SR and Don Hamilton met; SR is now able to monitor spam

§  Traffic

·       Work on Rockland Ave. I not complete; dry weather is needed to do permanent paving

§  Membership

·       165 active members currently

§  Welcoming

·       One visit done

§  Garden

·       New people have volunteered

§  Environment

·       DC developed and circulated terms of reference for feedback

§  Social

·       MH will be asked to follow-up with the board regarding his plans for the 2016 social event

o   Communications

§  None


·       Meeting was adjourned at 20:54 (BJ/VD)


·       Next Board Meeting-April 13, 2016 @ 1401A Rockland