Rockland Neighbourhood Association:  Minutes of the Board

Rockland Neighbourhood Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

1401A Rockland Avenue

January 13, 2016


Present:  Janet Simpson (JS), Bob June (BJ), Dave Clark (DC), Sue Simpson (SS), Norman Clark (NC), John Edwards (JE),   Vanessa Dingley (VD), Ian Mayhill (IM), Norman Clark (NC), Marc Hunter (MH)


Absent: Dave McWalter, Stephen Roughley, Pamela Madoff


Meeting called to order at 19:00


·       Agenda

o   Motion to approve (BJ/IM)

§  Amended to include Awards under Business Arising and Base Funding Equity; Walk-on, Victoria;  Project Proposals and Announcements under New Business

§  Approved as amended


·       Minutes of December 9, 2015

o   Motion to approve as amended (VD/IM)

§  Carried


·       Councillor’s Report

o   No report


·       Business arising

o   AGM

§  Critical dates

·       AGM is February 9, 2016 at 7:30 pm; doors open at 7:00 pm for members, at 6:30 for Board and guests

·       Bios and committee reports due to SS by COB January 15; financials due January 21

·       RSVP from guests due January 20

·       Reports from guests due January 28

·       Report to printer and posted to website on February 1

o   Due to cost, there will be no colour copies this year

§  Lists of activities of current Board and questions for A/Chief Manak were developed

·       JS will communicate topics to A/Chief Manak, find out his A/V equipment needs and let him know that there will be questions from the floor

·       DC and SR will provide easels and other materials for displays

§  A/V

·       Marc will coordinate with Grace Lutheran tech to ensure needed equipment is available and functions

§  Church deposit, cleaning fee

·       MH will inform NC

§  Communications

·       IM will send notification of meeting to members (clarified after the meeting)

·       SR will send out official notification (including the slate of nominees) two weeks prior to the meeting (DC has provided a template)

·       SR will send announcement of AGM (time, location) to local publications (eg., Victoria News, Times-Colonist)

§  Registration Table

·       Heather Grampp and Eileen Nurmi will be at the table to register members, accept membership fees and hand out the annual reports

§  Miscellaneous

·       SR will arrange for cookies and coffee at the meeting

o   Awards

§  NC has developed a process for nominating people/groups for recognition

§  An ad hoc committee will be struck to review award nominations

§  Motion (DC): That JS include a statement in the President’s remarks at the 2016 AGM of the intention of the RNA Board to seek nominations for awards

·       Seconded (BJ)

·       Carried (8 of 10)


·       New Business

o   Committee Reports

§  Land Use

·       Craigdarroch Castle

§  Jan 14 is public hearing and third reading for this application

§  Concern was raised about the zoning allowing a “restaurant”

§  BJ will follow-up

·       Amendment to R1A Zone

o   Jan 14 public hearing to clarify that the zone requires a minimum of 835 m2 per dwelling unit.

·       Site Coverage

o   Jan 14 first reading to state that outdoor features above 0.6m in height from the natural or finished grade are subject to site coverage and setback regulations.

§  Communication, Traffic

·       No reports

§  Membership

·       Seventy members registered for current year

·       There will be a renters committee struck to address identifying and contacting renters in Rockland

§  Welcoming

·       Fourteen visits done

§  Garden

·       Arbutus will be caged (protected) by the city this week or next

§  Environment

·       Engineeering/Parks/Stormwater have been contacted for displays/information for AGM

§  Social

·       Events for coming year will be discussed with the new board

·       Dog Days is no longer being considered; open air theater and Ceilidh are still options

o   Communications

§  Letter from Jerymy Brownridge to JS thanking her for her congratulations on his recent promotion

o   Base Funding Equity

§  Differences between neighbourhood groups which have community centers and those which do not were discussed

§  RNA’s funding ($0.75 per capita) does not complement any other funding (eg., funding received for a community center)

§  IM is writing a letter supporting the need for a process to achieve equity among the neighbourhood groups

o   Walk-on, Victoria

§  Information from Shelley Gudgeon about this pedestrian advocacy group was circulated

o   Project Proposals

§  Local Area Planning

·       Work with a coop student to develop information that informs residents on what Rockland is, how it got to be what it is, demographics etc.

§  Signage

·       Develop an interpretive signage program for Rockland

§  Apps

·       Develop an app (iphone and android) for heritage walking tours, interesting points in the area etc.

§  Greenways plan for Rockland

·       Find areas suitable for pocket parks/benches etc.

§  Comments

·       Shouldn’t be spending funds on work the city should be doing (LAP project)

·       Combine signage and app projects

·       Could/should discuss at strategic planning meeting in February

§  Motion (DC):  That  Board approves up to $2000.00 as seed money to seek partners and to develop signage and apps; projects to be administered by a new committee

·       Seconded (MH)

·       Carried

o   Announcements (JE)

§  Upcoming lectures/talks

·       January 27, 2016  Researching your Ancestry -Melanie Arscott

·       February 15, 2016 Vanishing Vancouver Carolyn Adderson

·       February 22, 2016  New Zealand Earthquake

·       February 24, 2016  How to research your house  Jennifer Barr

·       All lectures are at Craigflower Schoolhouse, 2755 Admirals Road and start at 7:30 pm.


·       Meeting was adjourned at 21:20 (BJ/MH))


·       Next meeting-AGM February 9, 2016 @ Grace Lutheran Church

·       Strategic Planning Meeting-time and place TBD

·       Next Board Meeting-March 9, 2016 @ 1401A Rockland