Government House installs a new ramp...  Jerymy Brownridge, Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor and Executive Director of Government House explains the projects to improve accessibility for all.

The Calendar

December 14 , 2016
Meetings of the RNA Board of Directors are held  at 7:00 PM in the
 Government House Gardeners Cottage at 1401A Rockland Avenue. 
All members are welcome to attend.
Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month (except February, July and August)

RNA's Position on Amalgamation

New Letters to the City
November 14, 2016  Letter to City re 1745 Rockland
September 22, 2016  Letter to City re 750 Pemberton
May 24, 2016 Letter to City re Engagement for Association Approval
March 8, 2016 Letter to City re Development Variance Permit for 704 Robleda
January 16, 2016 Letter to City re Opportunity Inequality among Neighbourhood Assns.
January 14, 2016 Letter to City  regarding Pemberton Meadows 750 Pemberton Rd.
December 16, 2015  Letter to the City welcoming the new
Private Secretary and Executive Director of Government House
November 23, 2015 Letter to City  Richardson Street as Bikeway Corridor
August 25, 2015 Letter to City  re 1745 Rockland Ave/New developments!
June 9, 2015  Letter re 1745 Rockland Ave/Community Land Use Meeting, May 27, 2015
June 4, 2015  Draft Recommendations from the Task Force on Affordable Housing
April 23, 2015  Proposal for the Zoning Bylaw Update
April 14, 2015  The tree at 1035 Belmont


February 15, 2015  Art Gallery Development Process and Neighbourhood Issues
January 15, 2015  Attaching priority to providing safe streets in Victoria
• 1070 Craigdarroch Rezoning  Letter to the City after neighbours meeting. Nov.22, 2014
• 1381 Craigdarroch Rezoning  Letter to the City after neighbours meeting. Oct.29, 2014
• 1082 Richmond Letter to the City by South Jubilee Neighbourhood Assn. Sept. 18, 2014
• 1745 Rockland Second Letter to the City  September 16, 2014
• Hydro Poles on Terrace Letter to the City Aug.22, 2014
• 1745 Rockland Letter to the City July 12, 2014
• 1082 Richmond
Letter to the City July 12, 2014

• 1670 Rockland 2 Letter to the City June 16, 2014
St. Andrews School Rezoning Letter to the City May 28, 2014
• 1670 Rockland Letter to the City Apr. 22, 2014
• 1745 Rockland Letter to the City Apr. 8, 2014
• 1745 Rockland Letter to the City Apr. 1, 2014
• Community Mailboxes Letter to the City Jan. 30, 2014

Earlier Information, Letters and Reports Archive may be found here

The Safety Committee has created a series of 24 weekly e-mail letters each requiring completion of a Task towards basic Emergency Preparedness.  The series has been posted here.

Visit the Rockland Woodland Garden on
Joan Crescent and Craigdarroch Road


pledged to the protection of a unique
urban environment in 
Victoria, British Columbia

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• Rockland Woodland Garden

City/CRD/BC Links

• City of Victoria

• Greater Victoria Public Library

• Capital Regional District

BC Transit
•Invasive Plants (BC Min. of Agriculture)

Neighbourhood Attractions
• Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
• Craigdarroch Castle
• Government House
• Langham Court Theatre
•Rockland Walking Tours


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Heritage Inventory Project

The Rockland Neighbourhood Association
Autumn 2016
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